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Adventist Mission - Tell the world

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  • Adventist Mission - Tell the world

    Adventist mission work today touches lives in more than 204 countries of the world. Adventist mission workers preach the gospel, teach relevant living skills, heal people through Adventist hospitals and clinics, spread the gospel on radio and television, run development projects to make better lives for people, and provide comforting relief in times of suffering.

    So many mission workers serve God as part of the church that you may not have heard their stories. The website not only shares their stories, but focuses on the Mission of the church. As you browse through the site, witness how God is improving lives through Adventist mission work around the world and in your neighborhood.

    Visit the official web page:

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    I recently heard about the website you are recommending and also heard about mission DVD. Seeing is very different than to hear about something. Seeing makes you feel "inside" story. We live in Osorno, South of Chile, and as soon as we knew about this interesting stories we downloaded "MissionDVD", burned a DVD disc and began to share it with some friends. As it is not yet in Spanish, we translated the first video to be shown at local church next Sabbath. We expect that in a few more weeks this materials will be available in spanish.