Gaither Vocal Band: Better Day

  1. Love Like I'm Leaving
  2. Where Could I Go?
  3. Better Day
  4. Go Ask
  5. Low Down The Chariot
  6. Somebody Like Me featuring Jason Crabb
  7. Daystar (Shine Down On Me) featuring Jason Crabb, Gaither Vocal Band
  8. I Am Loved
  9. I'm Forgiven
  10. Hide Thou Me
  11. Mama's Teaching Angels How To Sing featuring The Isaacs
  12. I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary
  13. There's Always A Place At The Table
  14. Loving God, Loving Each Other
  15. The Church Triumphant
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Parte 4

Tengo varios DVD´s de Gaither Vocal Band, los subiré cuando tenga tiempo.. PD No pude poner una imagen, me da error en el editor